Why Recreational Activity in Business Supports Happier Lives for Employees

My dad played against the team in the photo shown! Just thought I would share that. 🙂

Recreational activity in business is nothing new, it is how the first football (soccer) teams in the world first started, back in the latter part of the nineteeth century.

While research into wellbeing initiatives demonstrates positive business outcomes for the organisations who adopt them, improving bottom-line performance is rarely a reason why companies begin to take a proper look at the wellbeing of their employees.

The benefits and end results are enhancements. Businesses introduce wellbeing initiatives because they want to do the right thing by their employees and contribute to supporting happier lives. They also understand that to have a successful workforce, better longevity, assisted through good wellbeing, is a significant factor in a successful business.

Now, imagine If you had an approach where you introduce recreational activity for good, not only would this activity be a positive contributor towards better employee wellbeing and happiness, but would also be an indication of how a company is demonstrating it’s commitment to social responsibility within it’s community.

If you’re interested in developing your fundraising efforts or social responsibility through recreational activity, I would love to help.

I had the privilege to be featured on the fantastic podcast The WOW! Seat with AliNICOLE WOW! She Does It All, where I discussed the features and benefits of utilising this model, you can listen to this discussion below.

The article below outlines the many benefits of introducing recreational activity into your organisation.

Here is a link to a book/journal that can help your organisation create an event like the first one I ever put together:

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