About us

North Wales Social was formed with the primary aim of providing a business community driven platform to empower businesses in North Wales. Whether you are interested in best practice, thinking of starting a new business or looking to grow your existing business, we want to give you engaging content, networking opportunities and the resources to thrive.

We want North Wales Social to be a hub of activity, so you can register for a free account to make comments, take part in discussions and engage with fellow members.

Don’t forget to check out our events page for the latest business events in North Wales, if you have an event worth shouting about then please let us know at hello@northwalessocial.co.uk.

About North Wales Social
Businesses in North Wales Networking at the Celtic Community Network back in 2019

This website is not a news service, but an article / story driven online magazine, with other tools. We’ve teamed up with Authors across North Wales from a wide range of industries and a diverse range of skills to provide you with great content.

About the Team

Three passionate people, Dave Ledward, Robert Lewis and Adam Southwell have joined forces to create a new networking venture for businesses across the North Wales region. Officially launched July 4th 2020.

The three businesses behind the new North Wales Social brand – North Wales Tweets, Celtic Community Network and Adam Southwell Media – are already well known in the area. Dave Ledward, who also runs Mold-based Social Media Studios, launched the #NorthWalesTweets brand and network on Twitter and Facebook in March 2013. Since then he has built up a community of businesses across north Wales who join in with #nwaleshour on Thursday nights as well as attend face to face and virtual networking “TweetUp” events – this continues to take place.

The Celtic Community Network was founded in 2018, bringing together local businesses at its popular breakfast meetings in Mold to help them connect, learn from each other and do business together. Co-founder Rob Lewis is also the owner of Celtic Financial Planning Ltd and The Celtic Incubator Centre which offers support to local entrepreneurs.

Finally we have Mold-based businessman Adam Southwell of Adam Southwell Media, who completes the new North Wales Social team, bringing creative expertise that will help North Wales Social members harness the power of visual marketing to an even greater extent.

We all have a real passion for business, the community and North Wales. We wanted to create a new service that supports all of this and during the Covid19 pandemic, we came up with this solution!

Robert Lewis

Outside of this website what do we intend to offer?

  • Regular networking opportunities
  • Training and development via workshops and tuition
  • Social media engagement and encouragement
  • Marketing opportunities with business development
  • Platform for showcasing events across North Wales
  • An engaging business directory

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