Why businesses in North Wales need better Cybersecurity

Cyber security

The security of your business, specifically cybersecurity has never been more important, especially for those individuals who were previously based in offices that are now working from home.

This is because as the world has moved online in recent years and working from home has become the normal for many, with a massive culture change happening in 2020 for some, the reality is many have done so without really ever thinking about security. We are going to use this channel to explain why it’s so important.

Let us start off our regular posts here with North Wales Social with getting to grips with the basics and give you some straightforward advice on what you can do to better protect yourself and your business online in 2020, and avoid tech jargon wherever possible.

We will post regular content on topics such as email security, tackling issues such as phishing which are really prevalent at the moment, and how you can protect your business data in a cost effective way.

So what is Cybersecurity? Cyber Security is a broad term with many different types of technologies and services looking at protecting systems and data. We break it down further into products and technologies that do certain things and services that we deliver on behalf of customers that don’t have the necessary skills in house to do. Products and services equals cyber security in a nutshell.

But as a sector it has tended to be alarmist in its nature, messaging and imagery, with keyboards and hoodies being used for stereotyped images, such as the one above. It’s an industry full of “Don’t do this” and “Look out for thats”. Unfortunately, after a while, that hasn’t been that helpful on a long term basis and leaves people who aren’t in this sector a bit isolated and permanently seeing shock value headlines only, without really getting much value or knowledge transferred.

This is partly the problem with the IT sector and industry in general – we’ve worked in it ourselves for over 20 years and we still pick up the odd TLA/three letter acronym every now and then when in meetings and calls.

We are firm believers of saying something when you don’t understand something. This means we will always use clear language in these posts!

So wherever possible we are going to try a different approach with our contributions to North Wales Social and focus on the business benefits you can get from gaining a better understanding of cyber security and how you can use these benefits to give you and your business a competitive advantage here in North Wales and thrive in an online world.

We are normally based in our offices in the heart of Wrexham and utilise our team of cyber security analysts and engineers based across Wales but like most we are currently working full time but still based from home. Whilst lockdown seems to be easing, we are prepared to work like this for some time to come too.

With over 20 years experience in designing, building, operating, supporting and securing large IT systems at large IT companies for corporate and enterprise organisations, our ethos today is to take these skills and learnings we have acquired to the local and small businesses here in North Wales.

We will use these posts to share things we are doing, things we think you should do and why you need to take security seriously in your business, helping you stay in business.

We regular attend online webinars and deliver some too, so please make sure you keep a look out here for the latest news that affects businesses and people across North Wales and we’ll be sure to post articles and content that we think will help local businesses protect themselves better.

Thanks for stopping by!

We are active members of North Wales Cyber Security Cluster

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