Wales Tech Week – updated

The first-ever Wales Tech Week took place between the 13th and 17th July 2020. (updated 5th August).

North Wales has a vibrant technology industry enabling all other sectors and markets. From global technology leaders to our local start-up scene, Wales Tech Week will shine a light on the achievements and innovation of the people and organisations within North Wales and beyond.

Defend yourself in an increasingly hostile digital world.

If you missed our event you can watch it again now here;

This 1 hour workshop webinar delivered on Zoom will help you understand what preventative maintenance you can undertake in your business to mitigate the real risks of sharing data and working in the cloud, on mobile and on-premise.

This workshop is perfect for:

  • North Wales businesses and organisations who are already spending sums on IT security but want to know whether they are effective and good value for money.
  • Those wanting to work with a regional business based here in North Wales, as opposed perhaps delivered from a national city-based cloud provider.
  • Individuals running successful growing businesses that think they are too small to be targeted now.
  • Businesses facing a downturn because of COVID-19 and letting go some of their internal IT skills they would have used to help keep operations secure.
  • Any business that has been compromised in the past or fear they might be.

Featuring answers to everyday IT concerns and using a visual dashboard to highlight intelligence quickly what priorities you might have in your environment; this is a must-attend workshop for all North Wales organisations wanting better cyber security.

And if you’d like to know a bit more on what we do for North Wales businesses visit

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