Sport in Business & Community

What if, as a business owner, or an employee, you were the change that is needed, to champion not corporate social responsibility, but human social responsibility? Do you know what the people who surround you everyday care about?

During the corona-virus pandemic, I have been spending a lot more time considering how we can help businesses and charities to recover once we edge to a normality. Our vast experience has taught us that connecting business, charity and community groups using recreational sport as a tool can make a great difference to any enterprise.

Why a sports team? Allow me to explain the vision and benefits.

Recreational sport and business have gone hand in hand for over a hundred and forty years, particularly football. Some of the biggest football teams in the world today were founded by factory workers. There were obviously benefits in setting teams up back then and those benefits have increased massively since.

For example, way back when, an employee’s participation in playing matches would improve physical fitness and mental well-being. Now, imagine integrating cause led participation in conjunction with a human social responsibility policy. The benefits to a business, the employees and the wider community will skyrocket.

Just a few people, playing any kind of sport for recreation can make a huge difference.

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