Solar surge for North Wales renewables firm as boss calls for energy policy U-turn

AN AWARD-WINNING renewable energy business has experienced a 1000% surge in orders for solar panels in past weeks.

As consumers face a 30% rise in gas and electricity prices next year and independent utility companies go bust, more and more people are turning to net zero alternatives.

Carbon Zero Renewables – part of the UK Leisure Living Group, which has sites in St Asaph, Mochdre and Deeside – has witnessed this first-hand following a huge increase in demand for solar roof panels.

Managing Director Gareth Jones questioned the UK Government’s decision to rapidly pursue its electric agenda – notably hybrid vehicles and a move from gas in homes to electric-based heating, such as heat pumps – and urged them to support families struggling to make the switch while coping with fuel poverty and soaring costs.

“I applaud the Government for encouraging people to move towards low carbon methods and electric cars, but we simply do not have the network infrastructure to meet demand,” said Gareth.

“People are getting in touch with us every day; we’ve seen an unbelievable spike in orders as they want to get away from traditional energy and move to renewables, despite no Government incentives because they were scrapped several years ago.

“They should be helping people who are looking at long-term future-proofing of their homes, use different strategies hand in hand and do so sustainably, to avoid mistakes being repeated. I think the Government has its priorities wrong.

“It’s all well and good transitioning to electric cars and air source heat pumps but we don’t have the electric capacity now, never mind in five to 10 years. The Government needs to support solar and get homes and businesses generating and consuming power at the source.”

Price comparison site Compare the Market revealed energy prices have trebled since 2001 – the average cost of domestic gas has risen by 221%, compared to 193% for electricity.

And the numbers look set to go up again, with regulator Ofgem concerned more British energy suppliers could cease to exist due to a surge in wholesale prices and “continued volatility” in the market.

With energy prices at an all-time high – a large domestic solar PV system could save consumers upwards of £800 a year – Gareth insists solar energy is the long-term answer as part of consumers’ energy mix.

“We are in a strong position and have plenty of stock in store, so there are no supply chain issues, unlike many sectors struggling to obtain materials,” he added.

“There has never been a better time to switch to solar, and with turbulence over prices set to continue we encourage people to get in touch soon because the benefits will be experienced immediately.

“Businesses can see a four-year return on investment right now by going solar powered, the savings are incredible.

“There is a misconception about solar energy, and while we can’t control the weather we stand by solar as a reliable energy source for homes and businesses at a time of great uncertainty for consumers in the UK.

“We want to help and are on hand if anyone has any questions or concerns.”

For support, guidance and more information, visit the website Solar Panels North Wales & North West – Carbon Zero ( or call 08450 34 35 40.

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