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Rossett clinic reveals patients lost confidence in appearance during pandemic

AN ‘alarming’ number of people lost confidence in their appearance after two years of wearing masks and video conferencing in isolation.

Pure Perfection Clinic in Rossett, near Wrexham and Chester, experienced a surge in feedback from patients who became used to “hiding away” behind face coverings and abandoned skincare and beauty routines after being in lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Award-winning owner Sara Cheeney, from Llangollen, said a return to face-to-face meetings, no social distancing and getting back to the workplace left many clients feeling self-conscious after covering up for so long.

“We have had an alarming number of patients come back to us in past months who say they dreaded endless video conferencing meetings because they were not used to looking at their own face all day,” she added.

“Given so many of us were in lockdown and had to mask up in public it’s quite understandable there would be some anxiety, and that has been the case for some people.

“We held free consultations and tutorials throughout the Coronavirus pandemic and continue to do so virtually for those who want them, but most patients have returned to clinic and their skincare routines and are already feeling a hundred times better.

“It is a physical issue but also a state of mind; if confidence is low and you are worried about the way you look it can have a wider impact – this was an unprecedented time for all sectors and each one has navigated challenges never experienced previously.”

Pure Perfection Clinic added to its specialist offering during the pandemic with new treatments including Thread Face Lifts and the National Medical Weight Loss and 10 Years Younger packages.

The clinic is also now a Centre of Excellence for the Maili Dermal Filler Brand – recognition of its safe practice and customer service – and the launch of a new website has enabled patients to purchase products and book appointments online.

Ahead of a revamp to their Chester Road site – a new treatment room forms part of the redevelopment – and with skilled staff in place on the medical side of the business, Clinic Manager Marianne Burrell said they have never been busier.

“In past months we have seen more and more bookings, which after such a tumultuous period is very positive,” she said.

“The next step is to consolidate and then grow steadily, with plans for long-term expansion and new treatments, as well as national training programmes.

“We’ve also been shortlisted for the Aesthetic Medicine awards in four categories so we are hoping to add a few more trophies to our list of achievements.

“Above all, the health and happiness of our patients is paramount, so to see them refocus on their own wellbeing and return with smiles on their faces and renewed optimism is fantastic.

“It’s an exciting time for Pure Perfection Clinic and we would like to thank our team, patients and supporters – especially those on social media – who have been with us throughout.”

For more information, visit the website www.pureperfectionclinic.com or follow Pure Perfection Clinic (@purepclinic and @pureperfectionrossett) on social media.

Alternatively, call 01244 917259 or email hello@pureperfectionclinic.com.

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