Redundancy support package helps PM secure dream role after losing job

A FORMER project manager made redundant after 10 years in the same company praised a new Welsh Government support programme after receiving funding and advice to help her into a new role.

Karen Griffiths, from Bangor, contacted Working Wales, an all-age advice careers service funded by the Welsh Government and run by Careers Wales.

After speaking to an adviser, Karen, who used to work at the Volkswagen Group, was matched to the ReAct programme, where she received £1,500 worth of funding towards updating her qualifications, alongside interview training, and CV advice.

The Welsh Government has now announced a new employment support programme, ReAct+, which offers those at risk of redundancy or who are out of work, personalised support tailored to their individual needs.

Karen is encouraging others to make use of the funding and advice.

“I hadn’t applied for a new job for a long time, so I didn’t know what my options were. My JSA Work Coach advised me that I’d be the perfect candidate for the ReAct programme and encouraged me to get in touch,” said the 58 year-old.  

“Working Wales assigned a Careers Advisor coach to me, and they were fantastic at understanding my individual needs and career goals. They offered bespoke solutions to my situation, including the £1,500 funding to update my qualifications.

“I thought it sounded too good to be true, there must be a catch. When in life do you get that kind of opportunity?”

The coaches at Working Wales helped identify how they could help Karen with her individual situation.

And while apprehensive at first, she decided to accept the funding and register for her Agile PM and Prince 2 qualifications.

Karen added: “ReAct did what it said on the tin, there were no catches. I received great training with a great training provider; the process was so smooth.

“I successfully passed both qualifications to add to my CV and opened my job options considerably. I was even offered one job before I had even finished my second qualification!”

Karen is now settled into her new Business Analyst role at Merseyside-based Carpenters Group, where she has been for two months.

“I’m now back in full-time work and the support from the ReAct programme helped me get into an amazing role where I am maximising my qualifications and experience, I feel very fulfilled,” she said.

Minister for Economy, Vaughan Gething, added: “We’ve launched ReAct+ to give people a personalised employment support package built around their needs and circumstances to help them find a secure job.

“From free advice to personal development and mentorship, to funding for training, we want to provide people with employment support that is as unique as their journey, passions and ambitions.

“We want to give everyone the right support to pursue their chosen career – whatever challenges they may be facing.”

The ReAct+ programme is part-funded by the Welsh Government and European Social Fund and delivered in partnership with Working Wales.

If you are out of work, or at risk of redundancy, search ReAct+ or call 0800 028 4844 to access a personalised package of support, matched to your individual needs. Get support including funding, training, and personal development as unique as you.

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