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#NorthWalesSocial and #NWalesHour – going from strength to strength with the Big 20k

Fantastic recent news – #NorthWalesSocial has now moved above the 20k followers count on twitter. Incredible news to bring everyone associated with North Wales on social media – but just how did it all begin ? ..

So #NWalesHour first started back in 2013. I’d personally been on twitter for many years by this time promoting my business and supporting others as well as encouraging those businesses to become more active on twitter. Support for North Wales businesses on twitter – it was then, and still is now, the way to go!

#NWalesHour continued month after month with no letting up, just out and out support with the majority realising if they supported others with likes comments and retweets, they themselves would be known as great supporters, gaining respect and vastly improving their own followers count in the process.

12 months after the supportive hour all began with #NorthWalesTweets, I started organising actual networking events (tweetups) taking place at well known North Wales venues stretching from Wrexham right across to Llyn Peninsula. This was an opportunity for everyone who had connected on line every week through #NWalesHour to arrive at our monthly destinations and finally meet those people face to face. It was a fantastic win-win routine where many groups of people could not only connect with new business people but also learn about the rights and wrongs of twitter during an included hour session from me. More and more people – some hugely respected business leaders, others small businesses just starting out on their learning curve – were attending our events and discovering what a huge advantage it was to be present during #NWalesHour. It became a necessity for many to connect with friends and potential future clients.

Fast forward to 2020 and the switch from #NorthWalesTweets to #NorthWalesSocial coincided with the unfortunate pandemic lockdown putting a stop to events but who knows, they may well restart again with NWS bringing together people on line – and at actual networking events.

Since 2013 I’ve missed just a handful of Thursday’s North Wales hours and this relentless twitter support and encouragement is how I plan to continue.

To those of you who join us regularly on #NWalesHour, a big thank you for your own continued support and alternatively, if you are one of the few who haven’t yet joined up with me on twitter, give it a try or, if you are not sure how to get started, don’t worry as many are in the same position as yourself.

Contact me by email and I’ll be happy to point you in the right direction with some Free advice.

Happy tweeting !!

Dave Ledward – co-founder of NorthWalesSocial 


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