iVapps joins forces with UK water pioneer to help combat leakage crisis

AN innovative technology pioneer has joined forces with a giant of the water industry.

UK-based Binnies – part of the RSK Group of companies delivering integrated environmental, engineering, and technical services to a variety of sectors globally – will partner with iVapps at the Yorkshire Water Innovation Marketplace tomorrow (Thursday),

The organisations have united to showcase the strides made in producing green applications to sustainably digitise the pipeline network.

That includes the world’s first recyclable smart cartridge, a ground-breaking digital solution from iVapps that will serve ‘smart cities’ and meet demand for an answer to the water leakage crisis.

Together Binnies and iVapps are among 32 participants attending this week’s event and will bid for contracts to provide ideas and responses to the challenges facing Yorkshire Water; notably supply interruptions and avoiding the need to break ground and cause widespread disruption for residents and businesses.

Nigel Roberts, International Business Manager at iVapps – which has sites in St Asaph, London, Jersey, Singapore, and the Philippines – said this is a fantastic opportunity to display cutting-edge equipment that will improve the network for generations to come.

“We are delighted and privileged to partner Binnies at the event as their technological partner, and to explore future solutions to the crisis facing the water sector,” said Nigel.

“They are one of the most renowned and respected companies in the industry with a long-standing reputation for helping clients all over the world, delivering functional and sustainable infrastructure and lasting environmental and social legacies using low- and zero-carbon approaches.

“We embrace those same methods and as a growing business want to take our environmentally-friendly, recyclable products to the next level.”  

The iVapps smart cartridge is fitted with inflow real time technology sensors to digitise pipelines and control and monitor temperature, flow, pressure, turbidity, quality and more.

As a result, it can identify problems including leakages, contamination and bursts that cause billions of pounds in financial and ecological damage each year.

The Innovation Marketplace will feature ‘procurement competitions’ and focus on solutions to enhancing regulatory performance, cost efficiency and providing customers with a safer and less intrusive experience.

Neil Dewis from Yorkshire Water said: “The Innovation Marketplace will help us to adopt solutions that are new to market or have been developed through our innovation programme. 

“We hope the solutions will improve the quality of service on our network, reduce customer supply interruptions and carbon emissions.” 

Yorkshire Water is one of Britain’s leading water utility companies supplying over 5 million customers, including 140,000 businesses.

It is aiming to reduce leakage by 40% in the next four years and in 2020 unveiled the largest and most extensive smart water network pilot in the UK.

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