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Humour and Confidence.

It was a complete disaster. I went to my friend to complain about my life. And we laughed our heads off all night.

Have you heard this joke or probably it happened to you? I like those moments when all of sudden you are able to see the funny side of the dreadful situation and it all is becoming so light and manageable. Laughter elevates the spirit, humour adds to confidence, and more importantly, this new state of mind gives you another perspective on the same situation. After a good laugh, we feel recharged, more confident and the world is becoming friendlier.

“There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious

as laughter and good humour. “

– Charles Dickens


In our childhood, we were falling countless times, made numerous mistakes, went through endless challenges as a part of growing up, and we laughed a lot, often at ourselves. We remembered the funny side of whatever happened, it added energy, life joy, made us unstoppable.

Studies have shown how any group of people – friends, relatives, colleagues – laughing together makes them feel safer and strengthens their shared bond. Feeling safe makes us more confident and daring.

Being able to laugh at yourself, or sharing a joke with friends and colleagues have the potential to greatly enhance your self-esteem.

Working with a team or being self-employed, dealing with clients, and resolving a million issues it would feel more relaxing if you can laugh at yourself. It goes without saying, that you are thriving and doing your best, though the polished image might work against you. Laughing at your imperfections allows you to recognize them, accept them, and then move along. Your willingness to be silly helps to eliminate tension and bring others closer to you. Being so open that you can laugh at yourself builds trust either in the team or in any other group you are dealing with. Being able to laugh at yourself, or sharing a joke with friends and colleagues have the potential to greatly enhance your self-esteem.

With humour and laughter, you relieve stress and your confidence rides at a high level.

Although humour and laughter have been constituents of humanity for thousands of years, their systematic study has begun quite recently. We all heard – laughter is the best medicine, now scientists can give us evidence-based information. Laughter produces positive emotions that lead to a kind of flourishing, and we forget the personal ego. These feelings – like amusement, happiness, joy – build resiliency, boost confidence and increase creative thinking. When you laugh, you take yourself or the situation less seriously and may feel empowered to problems solving.

“Laughter is an instant vacation.” – Milton Berle

Have those fantastic “vacations” during the day – for creativity, for recharging, for problem-solving! By having a little laugher daily you can enhance your social skills. When you laugh in response to humour, you share your feelings with others and learn from risks that your response will be accepted and shared. Take time to be more mindful of the funny things that are happening to you right now, or try to go and actively seek something that tickles your funny bone. Your confidence will blossom with joy, while you are laughing!

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