How a Business Made a Difference with a Charity Football Match

We were approached by a representative of a company of car parts suppliers in Manchester and asked if we would be willing to play football against them.

They told us the story about Bob, he was a colleague, at the end of every week there was nothing more to look forward to than a bacon or sausage butty, it was affectionately known as Fat Friday.

Unfortunately, Bob developed pulmonary fibrosis, a rare genetic condition meant that he was diagnosed in his forties, where this would be more of a common condition in those seventy plus.

The condition advanced so much that Bob required a lung transplant that never came, and the inevitable happened. So, his colleagues wanted to do something in his name, and also to help raise funds for the British Lung Foundation so they could do further research into Pulmonary Fibrosis.

The venue was booked and the match played, all in aid of the ‘Fat Friday Cup’. It was a fantastic day, attended by Bob’s wife, the rest of his family and friends and of course non playing colleagues too.

If ever there was a business who triggered their social responsibility policy, it was this one, their employees displayed a high degree of human social consciousness and brought their hearts to remember their colleague in a way that they all loved.


Not only that, the physical activity, mental wellness and the feel good factor knowing they were making a difference.

Chris Roberts is co-founder of the North Wales Dragons Community men’s and women’s Football Teams, helping to raise funds and awareness for good causes using recreational activity.

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