Free Online Investment Seminar

Celtic Financial Planning are holding a free online seminar. This will be a great opportunity to understand and digest current world events from some leading experts, we have a few to mention...

This online seminar comes at a time when a number of factors are impacting the world economy, from rising inflation rates, risk of wars and the world continuing to deal with the Covid Pandemic.

We also have the emergence of increasing pressures of creating more sustainable government policies and business decisions, this will continue to be a growing theme.

So based on all of these points how can investors and their investment managers continue to find opportunities? Well this is what we will try to answer…

Here is our Agenda:

👋 – Introduction by our co-founder Robert Lewis

🌍 – World overview by our head economist, Chris Bailey.

📈 – Presentation from one of our investment managers, focusing on the importance fund research and asset allocation.

♻️ – Special guest speaker Frankie Hobro on sustainability and her journey with her business, Anglesey Sea Zoo.

🙋‍♂️ – Open Q&A.

Event will be open to new and existing clients.


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