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Flintshire Businesswoman Celebrates Becoming A Bestselling Author


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27th January 2021


It Starts With Me: An Anthology Of The Magic That Happens When Women Reclaim Their Strength & Their Stories

This week, Kate Morris-Bates, a female entrepreneur from Mold is celebrating becoming a bestselling author after bravely sharing her story of reclaiming her strength – and within hours of its release has become a bestseller in 15 categories on Amazon book charts.

‘It Starts With Me – An anthology of the magic that happens when women reclaim their strength and their stories’ – went straight in at Number 1 on the Amazon bestseller charts in 15 categories, overtaking Robin Sharma – author of the 5am Club and Simon Sinek – author of Start with Why.

Kate Morris-Bates, 45, from Flintshire is a Wellness Expert & Clinical Therapist helping women to be the best version of themselves by improving their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

In ‘‘It Starts With Me she tells of how Kate left a high-flying corporate career after six miscarriages within two years and retrained as a Chinese Medicine Practitioner, CBT Coach and Therapist.

Kate said: It is a dream come true to become an author and I am so happy that this book has become a best seller. Being a part of this powerful tribe of women has given me the courage and confidence to step up and share my story and my mission to help others live their best lives, in the body they have and dealing with whatever life throws at them.

We learn how Kate overcame prejudice and women’s health issues to build her business from scratch, and become one of the UK’s most qualified and thought-leading holistic health and wellbeing practitioners.

‘It Starts With Me’ is a collection of eighteen inspirational stories. Each woman selected to contribute to this book has embraced their beginnings, are fully focused on where they are going and are beacons of light for their industries during what has been a tough year for all. 

This book has been brought together by The Queen Bee Dani Wallace, an internationally acclaimed speaker coach for entrepreneurs and celebrities and Nicki James, a personal brand strategist and champion for female entrepreneurs, who are the co-founders of business mastermind programme ‘Rock Star Level Up’ – supporting women in business ready to up level their brand.  They said;We are over the moon that this book has become a best seller and hope that it helps readers across the world to also rise up. Every contributor whose story you read has embraced where they have come from and, in turn, are fully focused on where they are going – they know that their success starts with them. Allowing themselves to be visible in ways they never thought possible, the women in this book are beacons of light for their industries and for the people they serve. These incredible women have harnessed the power of their stories to create incredible lives and businesses, so the legacy continues with new waves of talented, brave, strong women turning up the dial, allowing themselves to be heard and taking up their rightful space in the business world.”

They joined forces with Authors&Co, led by award-winning entrepreneur Abigail Horne to publish this anthology.  Authors & Co, work to showcase and celebrate empowering stories of women. Founder Abigail Horne said:At Authors & Co we work with entrepreneurs who want to make an impact through leaving their legacy and the audience we serve are those with inquiring minds, keen to drink in information, and learn from others’ experiences. Our authors always lead their readers to reflect on their own lives and if aligned, make use of the teachings to move forward themselves”. Authors & Co has already changed the lives of many women and female entrepreneurs from around the world, having helped almost 200 women globally to become best-selling authors, whilst reaching millions of readers worldwide. 

‘IT STARTS WITH ME: An Anthology Of The Magic That Happens When Women Reclaim Their Strength & Their Stories is available to purchase as a paperback through, retailing at £12.99. The Kindle edition is available


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