Discussing the Benefits of Recreational Activity with The Football Collective

We recently had a discussion with the Football Collective, a dedicated network of people who wish to bring critical debate to football – for those interested and involved in building football for the future. Through sharp analysis and research informed original reporting, they aim to provide a platform for thought provoking critical debate in football.

I appeared on a panel, along with fellow North Wales Dragons social responsibility adviser Hannah Roberts and a dear friend and fellow advocate of recreational activity, Gemma Whittaker of Infinity Initiatives, to discuss the benefits of recreational activity.

It was so good to share the benefits of recreational activity, of course in our case it was football.

We discussed the benefits to the Dragons players:

“We asked what’s changed in your life due to being with the Dragons”? Everybody on the team revealed that they have a different reason for being there, and they all been affected and impacted positively”.

We discussed the benefits to the Infinity Initiatives players:

“When we had done recreational activities, people thrived in that environment”.

“It comes down to being part of something, being included, being part of the team”.

The above is a common theme through every recreational team, whatever the sport, or whatever the adventure activity.

To see the whole of the discussion, please click on the link:

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Chris Roberts is co-founder of the North Wales Dragons Community men’s and women’s Football Teams, helping to raise funds and awareness for good causes using recreational activity.

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