Community and the High Street

So when high streets attempt to recover from the pandemic, is there a necessity to discover a renewed community purpose?

Now is an ideal time, an opportunity exists, for shoppers to re-purpose their high streets and have a say on the businesses that occupy them.

It is a given that high streets and shopping centres will suffer, they were struggling before the pandemic took hold, but does this now pave the way for a new way of shopping to emerge?

Urban decay is all too familiar, shops with shutters drawn to the floor, unkempt store fronts, rows of premises for sale or rent signs signify the present economical status of the area but, in closing, also sever the link to the local community.

As we look to regain and rebuild confidence in our shopping areas, what if we were offered a major incentive to repair the social landscape, re-purposing empty buildings for the good of the local community, run by social enterprises.

Community run pubs, restaurants, cafe’s, shops, cinemas, theatres, playgroups, leisure centres, gyms, in fact, the possibilities are limitless and raise some hope for the future.

From the burning embers of a once thriving shopping centre or high street will emerge signs of recovery in every town. Third sector businesses will and can work side by side with commercial enterprises reflecting a new value system as people are appreciating a different world with a possible and much needed stronger sense of community.

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