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For many years now, I and many others have continued to bang the drum about how necessary it is to have an excellent profile on Twitter. Within social media, Twitter is a business oriented entity and represents a tremendous opportunity to get word out about the brand, product or service you promote, it’s imperative that you get the description and bio absolutely right so that when people view your profile for the first time, they get a good impression of you, the person behind the profile. Why does the person behind the profile matter? Because ultimately that’s who they’ll be dealing with should they want to pursue business.

To increase local business growth and digital reach for existing and newly amassed NorthWalesSocial members, updated 2021/22 business advertising packages have now been published to offer an affordable and attractive choice for all.

Catering for small businesses, larger organisations, charities and upcoming events, this has been carefully thought up to help businesses past an extremely challenging last 12 months and open a further window of huge support moving towards and beyond post-lockdown times.

A 12 month business listing displayed on NorthWalesSocial directory can be detailed to the owner’s preferences displaying a brand logo and providing a direct link to their own website, all purchased for an up front cost of just £30. More about these options later.

Have you heard of the long-running and ever popular Thursday evening twitter hour #NWalesHour – first introduced by NorthWalesTweets back in 2013 and now known as NorthWalesSocial?

#NWalesHour goes out live between 8-9pm and highlights support to those who add the hashtag (#NWalesHour) to their tweet during the regular hour and, going back a bit if you didn’t already know, the regular monthly tweetup events, starting out in 2014 at many different North Wales venues, were originally designed to provide education and extra motivation to those who needed that Twitter coverage, either for their business, event or, just in general. Before lockdown, many people representing businesses from across North Wales attended regularly, some gladly travelling the width of the region for an evening event, in some cases their travelling time incredibly took longer than the event! This special support was well received and went a long way to improving business relationships and the general camaraderie with everyone, it brought so many valued friends together.


Incidentally did you also know – just touching on Twitter again – that when #northwalessocial or @nwalessocial is mentioned in a tweet the reach of that tweet improves dramatically? That’s because once it’s been quickly scanned and deemed good to be shared out, it’s then retweeted to our 18.5k followers firstly, making it hugely visible to those already following the profile and secondly, it’s then seen by many who haven’t yet taken up the option of following. Once more people jump on it with their own likes, retweets and comments, it can be like a huge snowball gathering a fast pace. 

Here’s a tip – next time you put out a tweet, think about involving other people in that tweet, people who will most likely join in with positive comments and kind likes, so improving the possibility of maximum exposure for what you have to say.

Amongst the package choices, we also have a “limited time offer” where a directory listing and one promotional tweet per month during #NWaleshour can be arranged at just £60 for 12 months. This offer expires Friday 2nd April 2021.

You can go to our business package table for more illustrations and costs here;

Happy tweeting all!

Dave Ledward 

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